Spouted Stand Up Pouches

TotalPak Spouted Stand Up Pouches are a cost effective option for liquid packaging. Spout Pouches are lighter in weight than glass or plastic bottles and can offer overall cost savings.

Spouted Stand Up Pouches are ideal for packing juices, sauces, oils, detergents and many other liquids.

Spout Pouches can be filled through the spout or through the top of the pouch beside the spout.

Different sized spouts and colours are available on custom made pouch orders.

It is possible to pack liquids is volumes as small as 50ml and as large as 2 litres

TotalPak can supply custom printed or plain spouted stand up pouches.

With a range of different laminate structures to suit different applications TotalPak uses materials such as PET,BOPP, MET PET, FOIL,CPP, PA and PE to correctly package your product. .

We will help you achieve the most cost effective option for packaging your product.

Our custom-made printed and plain spout stand-up pouches can be made in foil laminate, clear film, metallised film, kraft paper or high barrier film. A range of sizes from 50g-2 litres.

Custom-sized spouted pouches are available.

  • Printed Spout Stand Up Pouches
  • Plain Spout Stand Up Pouches
  • Kraft paper
  • Matt Foil
  • Shiny Silver foil
  • Clear front/Silver Back
  • Clear
  • Matte Black
  • Matte White

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